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Traffic and Driving Tips for Curacao
Driving Tips Curacao

While in Curaçao for your vacation we want to make your driving experience as pleasant as possible. All of Alamo's rental cars are held to the highest standards for your safety. Fortunately Curaçao traffic is free flowing with little traffic congestion, if driving during rush hours some traffic congestion may be encountered but likely very minor compared to what you are used to.

All traffic in Curacao keeps to the right. In Curacao in general all traffic coming from the right have the right of way, unless otherwise indicated by traffic signs. At the roundabouts all cars already driving inside the roundabout have the right of way unless indicated otherwise by traffic signs.

Traffic signs in Curaçao, are in general, similar to traffic signs in Europe and the USA. One important notice is that our roads get very slippery when raining. It is therefore important to slow down if driving when raining, even if just a few drizzles. You will no doubt notice all locals slowing down significantly at the first sign of rain. Keeping the above in mind will make your driving experience in Curaçao a safe and pleasant one. Should you have any more inquiries concerning traffic in Curacao please feel free to ask our rental agent at the counter when picking up your rental car.

Should you be involved in an accident while driving, please call Curaçao Road Services at 199. They will make up an official report of the accident, without this report any coverage purchased for your rental car will not be applicable. For your safety and convenience all our rental cars have roadside service available, should this be needed they can be reached 9247.

Finally, when fueling your rental car please be sure to enter gasoline into the car. In Curaçao the diesel pumps may not always be separate from the gasoline pumps. As a result it does happen at times that renters mistakenly enter diesel into the rental car instead of gasoline.