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Trip by Car to Willemstad Curacao

When planning your trip to Curacao be sure to make time to visit Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad. Willemstad is separated into 2 halves called Punda and Otrabanda, by the harbor which runs exactly through the middle of the capital. Characteristic of Willemstad is its typical Dutch architecture combined with some Spanish elements, this is reflected in the exquisite 18th and 17th century colonial buildings, all manifested in many different colors. As the story goes several centuries ago a former governor of the island couldn’t handle his migraine headaches caused by the buildings its bright colors and ordered everyone to paint their buildings a different color.

Punda also boasts Mikvé Israel, the oldest synagogue in the Western hemisphere dating back to 1674. The popularly called “swinging old lady”, a bridge that swings open with the help of two powerful ship engines, connects Punda and Otranda. Officially named the Queen Emma Bridge, it was originally built in 1890 as a gift to the island from the then US ambassador. It swings open when ships need to enter or exit the harbor. At the beginning of the 20th century a toll had to be paid to cross the bridge by foot, however, this toll could be avoided by crossing the bridge barefooted. Willemstad also hosts several museums and has ample shopping opportunities and restaurants with many types of international cuisines.

Punda and Otrabanda are easy accessible by car and provides sufficient parking spaces. Should you want to get to the other side of town by car, cross the Queen Juliana Bridge across the harbor. On Queens Day this bridge is also used for bungee cord jumping.

When planning your trip to Curacao be sure to include at least one day of your trip to visit Punda. A trip to Curacao is not complete without a visit to Willemstad.